Training Programs Available
The Booksie Way Half Marathon and 5k RunTraining Programs Available

Training Programs Available

​​​​​​​​Types of Programs

We have programs for all levels of runners and walkers.  You can also download the  Training Program Application Form for all the programs listed below.


Utilizing an interval style of training, groups will train using run/walk/run intervals.  For example, if you run a ten minute mile, you would use intervals of running for 3 minutes and walking for 1 minute.  At the Placement Expo you will comfortably run a mile or two so that you are placed in the proper group.  The intervals will be adjusted for the groups with a faster or slower running pace.  There will be groups which are working to finish the race and also speed work groups to improve time. The speed work groups will participate in group runs and also do actual track speed workouts. The run/walk/run method will be used at all distances.

Non-Interval Running Groups

For those who would like to train without using walking intervals. Long runs will be done every other week with speed work session on a track on the other weeks.

Walk/Shuffle/Walk for the Walking Program

The Walk/Shuffle/Walk program uses an interval method of training.   Participants will walk at the Placement expo to be placed in the proper groups.  The intervals will be walk/shuffle/walk with groups at different paces.  There will be non-speed work groups and a speed work group.  The walk/shuffle/walk method will be used at all distances.  

For questions or for more information contact Sue Barnes,, 248-841-1313.

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