Brooksie Way Minigrant Program

Proceeds from the McLaren Brooksie Way are given back to the community in the form of minigrants. The Brooksie Way Minigrant Program helps local communities by supporting programs that promote good health. Since its inception, Brooksie Way Minigrant Program has returned to the communities over $260,000 in grants.

Due to decreased registration and other residual effects of the coronavirus pandemic, The Brooksie Way will be unable to offer minigrants in 2020.

Round 2 Brooksie Way Minigrant Recipients
September 20, 2019

Guardian Angels
Program: SoulCore
The SoulCore program aims to lower stress and improve body image for up to 100 adolescent girls through meditation, core strength training and functional exercise. Using a combination of isometric exercises and core exercises, SoulCore increases a participant’s strength and flexibility while also using breathing and prayer/meditation techniques to train the brain to de-escalate responses to stress.

Yoga Moves MS
Program: Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease
Individuals in Oakland County who live with Parkinson’s Disease and other neuromuscular conditions – and their care partners – can attend adaptive yoga therapy, which has been shown to visibly reduce tremors and improve the steadiness of an individual’s gait. While Parkinson’s Disease is not curable, forestalling the progression may be possible. The practice of regular yoga and meditation may help the brain to rewire itself and help show modest improvements in balance, functional mobility, mood and sleep.

Orion Township Public Library
Program: Geri-Fit Low-Impact Exercise Classes for Seniors
The Orion Township Public Library will offer free exercise classes to seniors that combine strength and balance training. Recognizing a need for social activities that are both fun and activity related, the library researched and purchased an evidence-based, health promotion program and chronic disease self-management support program designed exclusively for older adults. Having a stronger body means better balance, which translates into fewer falls, which is an established risk for older adults.

Please direct inquiries to Shelley Wyant, Chair of the Brooksie Way Minigrant Committee at